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Philadelphia Wins World Series A Day Early In Las Vegas Casinos At Least

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

The Philadelphia Phillies have already won the World Series – but if you were in Las Vegas or placed a Vegas bet, then you would think that Philly won a day early at the sports books.
Any bets that were made on the Phillies to win the world series over the Tampa Bay Rays in game 5 which happened to be the final game of the world series were paid out in Phillies favor at the call of the rained out game.

Even though the game was tied 2-2 when the rain ended the game which was postponed until yesterday the score went to Philly.

According to Nevada Gaming Commission rules, if a Major League Baseball game is rained out, sports books use the score from the last completed inning. Most Las Vegas sports books are using the 2-1 score which was the score at the end of the fifth inning to appoint the win to Philadelphia.

Philadelphia was the favorite in Game 5 at -170, meaning that someone would have to bet $1.70 to win $1, Harper said.

“Being a World Series, it was a highly bet game,” said assistant manager of the Hilton Race and Sports Book in Las Vegas, without disclosing specific figures. “It affected a lot of people. We were answering questions all day.”

Regardless of the payout the Phillies did end up winning the world series and those casinos that waited to pay the Philly fans eventually had the same result. Good thing too because it obviously kept this a much cleaner victory for the Phillies.

Burlington Town Center Owner Selling Off Luxury Las Vegas Malls

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

General Growth Properties Inc., Which is the owner of many retail mall properties throughout the United States and Canada is coming upon some serious financial problems that have been looming in the air for months.

The Chicago-based organization has proclaimed plans on Monday to attempt to sell all 3 of the high end malls in Las Vegas which include the Grande Canal Shoppes, the Shoppes at the Palazzo and biggest of all the Fashion Show Mall.

“The only properties that we are looking to sell right now are those three Las Vegas centers,” said David Keating, General Growth Properties’ spokesman. “As far as Burlington Town Center, that wasn’t on the announcement. From my understanding, Burlington Town Center is doing quite well … traffic is up due to the Canadian market.”

The company has more than 210 mall locations throughout the states and Canada and seems to be feeling the wrath of the economy.

When asked how the malls were doing in Las Vegas, a rep from GGP mentioned that stores are not shorting out on their leases nor are they seeing many bankruptcies or closures but they just aren’t seeing as strong of a return as in previous years and the upkeep is costing much more than what they are making.

“We recognize that we are facing unprecedented challenges in this economic environment, and we are committed to working with all our stakeholders to achieve a successful outcome to our strategic review process,” said Adam Metz, who was named Monday to serve as interim CEO in a shake-up of top level management.

Las Vegas’ First Online Home Auction Of New Homes Attracts Hundreds Of Buyers

Monday, October 27th, 2008

Those wishing to visit some beautiful Las Vegas homes in the Northern area of Las Vegas and see if there is something that they would like to put a bid on is almost half way nearing its end. The home auction has now been running for about 2 weeks and will end on November 6th. The auction is held by LFC Group of Companies which is a Southern California online auction marketing company.

While the real estate market within the United States has suffered as a whole, the tourist states are experiencing the largest downturns. The Las Vegas housing market has been hit hard and is really feeling the drop especially in the industry of condos and new home developers with remaining inventory.

Bids for brand new homes are starting at as low as $99,000. And since the auction is available live online from the comfort of your own home one can close the deal as fast as they like as long as they meet the minimum requirements and are approved for financing.

The online format is also great for those bidders that are outside of the Las Vegas area or are even international investors looking to own some US real estate. They can look at floor plans, dive into layouts and examine everything that they need without ever having to fly in and visit the busy auction rooms.