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Lots Of Las Vegas Deals!

Thursday, October 23rd, 2008

Business is seemingly slow in Las Vegas, like almost everywhere in the United States these days, and so, the city is trying to convince people more than ever that, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” And this is the only place that the fun happens!

Actors have been summoned to speak on behalf of the Vegas strip and are saying that you can have a wild time and head back to your regular life as soon as the weekend ends. Now, for some actors this is the regular life!

“You can actually rent a motor coach with a stripper pole in the back and have your whole crowd on a motor coach with entertainment on board.” One movie star said.
The deals in Vegas right now are hard to beat!

Hotels, Resorts and attractions are all offering amazing and cheap deals, Many hotels on the strip are offering deals that include the room, dinner credits, play credits and spa credits all under $100 per night!

Log onto casino website and search out deals or simple search on a travel engine to find the exact package that you are looking for with transportation.
If you are planning a trip you should consider booking soon because Christmas and New Year’s are busy times!! .

Chill Out In Las Vegas For Great Shopping And Good Deals!

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

Some of the best deals in the world can be found in Vegas right now. And with summer out the window for most of us on this side of the road we would love to find some deals and head over to Las Vegas!

If you have time to spare and can plan your vacation a little in advance than the 3 week away option is the one for you. Book a trip at least three weeks in advance and receive at least $100 off the total price of your trip. Or for those of us up for some last minute action wait until the Wednesday night and plan a quick 4 day trip that you are sure to remember.

Once you’ve landed, you’ll enjoy the best deals at the city’s finest hotel, casinos and shopping destinations.

You can plan a trip for as low as $89 a night at Planet Hollywood or roam the canals of the Venetian from rates starting at $189 per weekend night.

While you are there talk to the host to arrange show tickets, spa packages, or tantalizing dinners within each hotel or anywhere else on the strip.

Check Vegas based websites for weekly deals, specials and reviews. The staples in Vegas are always strong and guaranteed to satisfy but there are also many new attractions and venues that are constantly opening and inviting visitors from all around the world.

Las Vegas Sands Seeks Terms for Macau Loan

Monday, October 20th, 2008

LVS which is the stock symbol for the Las Vegas Sands Corporation and is the second largest casino operator by market share value is currently trying to figure out a way to revise the terms to receive a loan which is over 5 billion dollars to fund a casino project in Macau.

Due to the current economic situation times are currently rough and several banks are seeking help and recue themselves.

Borrowing costs are at the utmost high amid what could possibly be the worst U.S. banking crisis since the Great Depression, which was brought on by the collapse of investment banks including Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.

Both the Las Vegas Sands and Wynn Resorts Ltd. (which is a company owned by Steve Wynn who is currently majority stake holder of the Wynn and Encore resorts on the strip in Las Vegas) are one of the gambling companies investing $25 billion in Macau, which is the only city in China where it is legal to gamble. Sands was planning at least nine more hotels and resorts on a strip which is now Vegas’ biggest gambling competitor.

The Sands stock is continuing to see a downward cycle but investor analyst are advising a buy call saying that the stock will rise to a $44 high sometime within the next 2 years.