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Danny Gans Final Performance at the Mirage Las Vegas

Monday, November 24th, 2008

The popular performer and entertainer Danny Gans completed his last performance at the Mirage hotel in Las Vegas last week. Gans has been performing at the Mirage for over 8 years and has attracted fans from all over the world.

Gans says that he will have plenty of friends and family at this milestone in his career. But if you are worried that you missed him- Do not fret. He is opening a new show in the New Year at an even fancier local. Anyone heard of Encore? Steve Wynns newest hotel and casino will be the new home of the Danny Gans show.

Not much is being said of the new show. Reporters aren’t clear whether the material will have a big change or generally the same.

Gans did mention that he had a very good run at the Mirage and remembers several big names coming to see his show. He clearly recalled one time that Sylvester Stallone came and he barely made it on stage for fear of impressing the huge star.

Tickets for the new show at the Encore are lucky to be pricier than those at the Mirage and rehearsals begin in early January.

Gans says that his voice impressions will remain an illusion to most except for those select few that know his special secret.

If you are coming to Vegas in the early new year be sure to make a reservation at the Encore and if room rates aren’t up your alley than be sure to at least grab at ticket to the show.

Las Vegas Gaming Industry Hit Hard in Financial Crisis

Friday, November 21st, 2008

Its no secret that America is facing one of its worse financial situations in a very long time. But what is a bit surprising is how hard the monetary situation in the states is hitting the worlds biggest gambling haven- Las Vegas. During previous down times Vegas did not feel such a heavy blow.

“Wall Street is responding much more sharply, but a lot of that is based on concerns about how a global recession will hit gaming and leisure travel.”

Unfortunately for the travel and tourism as a whole the situation is said to get much worse before it gets any better at all. Numbers seem to be down in every comparison that is taken into account versus the previous year at this time; Number of visitors, amounts of dollars that were actually spent in gambling at the casinos and the amount of money spent on room reservations are all down by roughly 10 percent at a minimum.

And as to be expected, the downturn in Vegas is mirrored quite vividly on the stock exchange. Simply all the Las Vegas based stocks are down over 70 percent. LVS has taken the biggest hit and is treading really deep waters, its once impressive high of over $160 is down to a measly $3.90!!

It is said that the LVS organization has stopped all construction that was scheduled to happen in the upcoming year within the States, Las Vegas and Pennsylvania as well as all projects that were happening in Macau.

It seems that LVS isn’t the only company feeling the pain. All the Las Vegas giants are stopping construction and halting plans for the time being.

Clearly the only thing that is left to do is watch and wait. Hoping that what happens in Vegas leaves Vegas in the very near future!

WAR to Perform at Tropicana Las Vegas Hotel

Thursday, November 20th, 2008

Planning to head over to Vegas to bring in the New Year with a bang? Well the announcements of events are already pouring in. The Tropicana hotel in Las Vegas has announced that WAR the legendary R & B and Rock legends will be performing on their very own stages on the evening of December 30 and tickets are available now.

The Tropicana is making it a very alluring and inviting option to join them over this upcoming new years celebrations. They are offering extremely competitive room rates at $143 per night if you book a reservation for a minimum of a three night stay. But book fast because these rates are sure to vanish as soon as word gets out.

“We are very excited to kick-off our New Year’s Eve festivities with such an accomplished group of performers,” said Randy Sears, Tropicana Las Vegas Vice President of Marketing. “We’re providing our guests with fine entertainment, affordable prices and the ideal Las Vegas Strip location to ring-in the New Year.”

The Tropicana Las Vegas is a staple hotel on the strip and has been around since the very early days. It is centrally located with incredible access to many neighbouring hotels as well as plenty of shopping and restaurants.

If you are planning to come join the new year festivities and it would be a great idea to book a reservation and show tickets as early as possible because this New Years Eve in Vegas promises to be a busy one.