Arrest Warrant Issued For Mos Def In Las Vegas

Mos Def who is originally a New York based actor and rapper was arrested in Vegas yesterday (Nov 5th) for assaulting a fashion photographer. The photographer stated that he was assaulted by Mos when he attempted to photograph him at the MAGIC fashion exhibition.
MAGIC represents over 750 clothing, fashion and apparel companies from over 30 countries throughout the world. The fashion show brings many celebrities and entertainers from all around the United States. Celebrities showcase their own personal style and pick up tips and pieces from the show to have the latest fashions.
Mos Def who was born as Dante Terrell Smith began his career in Hop Hip in Brooklyn and later became big in the late 1990’s with albums such as “Black on both sides”, “The New Danger” and “True Magic”. Mos has kept away from the dark side for the most part. This recent arrest comes as a slight shock due to his booming career associated to current tracks with Kanye West.
The photographer said that he was simply trying to snap a few shots when Mos Def grabbed and trashed his camera equipment and told him that he was not interested in being photographed at this time.

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