Big Winners in Las Vegas

Well if you think its lucky to win a huge jackpot or finish at the final table in a huge poker tournament than that’s not quite what we are talking about… these guys hit it big in another way, as the state of Las Vegas convicted OJ Simpson in several crimes his accomplices were able to walk out of the courts with just a simple probation while their partner in crime takes the blame and will sit in prison for the next 15 years.

Reactions were mixed from the public as many believe that all the men should have gotten the same or at least similar sentencing. One man that was present in the heist said “ If you are going to commit the crime than you should pay the price, if you bring out a gun you should certainly go to jail.”

The accomplices said that Simpson tricked them into helping him in this Las Vegas scandal by telling them that they were helping him to get back items that were in actuality his and were taken from him in an unfair way and he just wanted to go get them back.

The sentencing is now complete and OJ will be spending some time in jail as well as finally paying for some previous unjust actions.

More hearings are scheduled to evaluate the value of the stolen items and any replacements that will need to occur.

Families associated with crimes that Simpson was previously accused of are feeling a bit of relief as they believe that he finally got a sentence that he fully deserved from the start.

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