Can You Fast Talk Your Way Into a Las Vegas Showdown?

Do you like to talk? A lot? Well if you can say a lot and you can say it really, really fast perhaps you can talk your way to Las Vegas. is currently running its second annual talk your way to Vegas contest! The travel website is currently seeking the fastest speaking Canadian women to become the new record holder in the Guinness Book of World Records and be the next lucky winner to win a dream holiday in Las Vegas.

For details on how to enter, fast talkers throughout Canada can visit the website to find out rules and regulations on how they can enter their way to be part of the top 7 in Las Vegas. Contestants are initially required to send in a 15 second audio or video entry describing the most dazzling Vegas vacation that they could imagine.

And, appropriately so, the top 7 contestants that are chosen by the websites visitors will be flown to Vegas to compete in a final showdown which will be judged in fabulous Las Vegas in December of this year. The final competition will be taking place at the Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino.

Contestants that wish to apply can increase their chances of being chosen by submitting their entry online and then sending an email to friends and family asking them to submit a vote and watch them in action.

The final winner which will be chosen after the competition of the final 7 will be granted their dream vacation in Las Vegas which will include a fancy dinner at the restaurant of their choice, accommodations at a luxurious resort and a direct flight.

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