Eastgate Wins World Series Of Poker In Las Vegas

A very young man is lucky enough to feel the honor of winning an amazing $9.1 million on Tuesday. Peter Eastgate became the now youngest poker player to have won the main event in the World Series of Poker which took place in the Rio in Las Vegas.

No one seemed as surprised at Eastgate himself, fans said that he sat with a straight poker face while his friends from Denmark were overjoyed with excitement for him as the jumper around the fan stands and screamed and shouted at the top of their lungs. Perhaps Eastgate felt some after shock and not realized the full reality of what had just happened.

The main poker event began in July with 6,844 players. The entry fee was $10,000 US dollars. The main event was played out until the final table of nine which began after a 117 day break from July. All players were paid the 9th place total and were released to come back in November.

Rumor has it that many players received professional poker coaching and played a very large amount of poker hands before commencing at the final table for the WSOP.

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