Holiday Spirit in Las Vegas

Surprisingly for the world we live in, one man decided to give this Christmas without expecting anything in return. A Las Vegas man published an ad in the Las Vegas Review Journal that asked people if there was anything he can do to help for the holidays and this Christmas he spent his night doing exactly that.

The man who is himself currently unemployed and does not have a financial cushion to fall back on decided a while ago that it feels much nicer to give than receive. He and a group of people that he managed to round up spent the day and evening helping people that were in need.

One of their stops was to a home on a street that was covered in Christmas lights with one house lacking not only decorations but also electricity. The family inside the house consisted of a husband, wife, and four children. Their power was turned off because the man could not afford to pay the bills after he had lost his job and the family is using candles for light and the fireplace for warmth for the home. The Las Vegas man had brought food and presents for the entire family trying to bring some holiday cheer.

The man spent the rest of Christmas day answering several ads as well as helping others that he knew were in need. He says its better to help others instead of concentrating on all the wrong things that are going on around you. And if everyone could just give a little more any chance they get the world would be a better place.

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