IRS Regulates Vegas Dealer Tips

An adjustment has been made from previous Internal Revenue Service (IRS) law that regulates that reporting process for Las Vegas casino dealers with regards to reporting the tip amounts that they receive.

While the IRS has been a little lighter with cracking down on the tips that dealers declare in Las Vegas, the union that controls the dealers says that they are not at all thrilled with the amount that they must declare when it comes to their tips. Reports say that tips have diminished by roughly 50% leaving the dealers with much less in their pockets and therefore much more to report.

“What the IRS has not done is fully understand the economy that’s going on here,” said D. Taylor, secretary-treasurer for the union. “Our tip earners are getting whacked in a number of ways, and we don’t feel the tax rates reflect that.”

Many tip making employees say that since the majority of their income comes from their tips they are as a whole contemplating opting out of the voluntary tip declaration and saying that perhaps risking an audit maybe worth the gamble and may yield a better result and income for most involved.

The IRS is usually the last to offer relief to almost anyone but this effort shows that the situation must be bad for the dealers. Many say that if this down turning economy continues and visitors continue to show less and less than leaving the job and maybe even leaving town in search of a better opportunity is definitely an option. So next time you are in Vegas just remember to be as generous as possible.

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