Knievel’s Last Stunt in Las Vegas

Robbie Knievel who is the son of well known stunt master Evel Knievel has only one month left to prepare for his next and quite possible last motorcycle stunt that he will be performing as he attempts to make a heroic jump over the newly revamped erupting volcano at the Mirage in Las Vegas.

Scheduled to perform the stunt on New Years Eve this year the daredevil has the next little while to learn as much as possible about the size and height of the volcano in order to properly get ready for this freighting task that he has taken on. This feature will be only a small segment of a program special that will be airing live on New Years Eve television for your very own entertainment.

The Mirage hotel and casino showcased the newly re-launched and improved volcano earlier this month and say that it has been a popular attraction ever since the day it was shown for the very first time.

The volcano erupts for approximately five minutes for several hours in the evening to the tune of a custom made sound track specifically designed to compliment the eruptions.

Robbie Knievel says that while he is looking forward to the stunt and to impress his fans yet again this will likely be his last stunt that he ever performs in the United States if not his last stunt all together.

Book your trip to Las Vegas now to see this stunt for yourself in real life or search your cable stations the night of New Years Eve to take a peek of how this daredevil makes one of his last stunts magical!

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