Las Vegas Casinos Place Their Bets in China

If you look around you in the crowded areas in Lisboa which was once upon a time Macau’s flagship casino or if you attempt to get a seat at any one of the Sands or Venetian tables which are now the biggest casinos in Macau, you would definitely think that the gambling industries in Macau are booming beyond ones imagination.

Contrary to popular belief and against all truths that come to the human eye, the gambling industry in Macau seems to have come to standstill. Partially at the fault of all the parent casinos that are largely based out of the US and are currently facing an ongoing economic crunch.

Overall the gambling revenues in Macau have increased to a historic high but the projects of the parent casinos throughout the world seem to be dragging the Macau casinos directly into the ground.

And as unfortunate as the not so bright future of these casinos, the construction that is currently underway seems to have come to a halt without an end in sight. The competition within the Macau casinos is similar to that in Las Vegas. Most major competitors consist of MGM, Sands, Harrah’s and a few other smaller players.

Macau was largely on its way to becoming a close competitor to Las Vegas and the strip of bright lights and all things sinful. The city strip will remain under construction for an indefinite time and is unlikely to see completion until the parent companies in the US feel some serious relief.

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