Las Vegas’ First Online Home Auction Of New Homes Attracts Hundreds Of Buyers

Those wishing to visit some beautiful Las Vegas homes in the Northern area of Las Vegas and see if there is something that they would like to put a bid on is almost half way nearing its end. The home auction has now been running for about 2 weeks and will end on November 6th. The auction is held by LFC Group of Companies which is a Southern California online auction marketing company.

While the real estate market within the United States has suffered as a whole, the tourist states are experiencing the largest downturns. The Las Vegas housing market has been hit hard and is really feeling the drop especially in the industry of condos and new home developers with remaining inventory.

Bids for brand new homes are starting at as low as $99,000. And since the auction is available live online from the comfort of your own home one can close the deal as fast as they like as long as they meet the minimum requirements and are approved for financing.

The online format is also great for those bidders that are outside of the Las Vegas area or are even international investors looking to own some US real estate. They can look at floor plans, dive into layouts and examine everything that they need without ever having to fly in and visit the busy auction rooms.

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