Las Vegas Has A Leak

Las Vegas workers are starting to work on what is likely to be a 3 million dollar project on some pipes under what is Lake Las Vegas. So you must be wondering how someone can fix something that is so far underground? Well the answer to that is so are we… It is said that this will be a very slow and timely process. Workers and engineers are developing a strategy to capture all the leaks systematically.

The pipelines arre approximately 2 miles in length and have only one entrance and exit. The workers need to go in with the entire crew, all the equipment and serious lighting gear as the pipe is almost completely blacked out.

Luckily the problem was said to be caught early enough that the resort could still function at a regular level without any expected damage. It is important to get the job done in time to not create further damage but it’s more important to do the work right so that this kind of thing is much less likely to happen in the future.

Looking at how all the work is planned and the anticipated results it is likely that the work will be completed by the end of March but chances are if the winter season is light with few rainfalls the project will have a great possibility of finishing early.

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