Las Vegas Lay Offs

It seems that while the LVS Corp was trying to hold off as long as possible the inevitable has finally caught up and the Casino Group Las Vegas Sands Corp. will be cutting 216 full-time employees. The lay offs will be happening within their Las Vegas properties as an attempt to lower costs across the board in these difficult economic times.

Unfortunately LVS is not the only company that has plans to make cuts this holiday season, it rumored that other hotels on the Las Vegas Strip are soon to follow.

But while the LVS Corp will be making this small amount of lay offs to start it is also likely that there are certainly more to follow. Bonuses are also suffering this year, it is said that the company will be cutting over 6 million dollar in bonuses from senior level managers as well.

Revenues are falling all over Las Vegas with this months numbers coming in 25% percent less than the same month last year. And while no one is looking forward to losing their job just in time for the holidays, many are saying that unfortunately its not a big surprise.

Casino representatives say that the current jobs that they are cutting will not effect guests in the slightest way and are all back end positions. All the properties that LVS own in Las Vegas employ approximately 10,000 people.

The company is not saying what the final numbers for cuts will be. When questioned they were optimistic in saying that hopefully they will see a turnaround and new jobs will be created rather than more cuts to be made.

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