Let The Vegas Holiday Shopping (And Saving) Begin

Believe it or not, the holidays are coming!!!

Unfortunately for us the holidays just won’t wait. No matter the economic times or the status of our stock or bank accounts the holidays are crawling in and are just around the corner. Hopefully the prices at the stores will follow the economic down turn as well.

While you shouldn’t put this little problem directly at the back of your minds. You can take a deep breath knowing that you do still have a bit of time to save and plan for some smart budget shopping- Especially in Las Vegas.

While hitting the malls on the weekends isn’t anyone’s idea of a great time- at least not since we were 16. This seems to be the time to get the best deals. Grab the Vegas Review or the other weekend news papers and search out deals for this upcoming weekend. Special prices and discounts tend to happen more over the weekend than over the week.

Head to the outlets. Often times the outlets carry the same merchandise as that in the original store, the color selection may differ slightly but over all you will find the same type of items.

Write a list! It is very important to know who you are shopping for and exactly what you need for that particular person. Once you have purchased for that person cross them off your list and continue onto the next. Try picking up a few small extras for those last minute gifts that you didn’t think of or that surprise visitor that shows up at last minute.

So remember: Plan, Plan, Plan!!!! This will make the process a lot easier and keep your wallet with more for you (or your savings account).

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