Make Room for Encore Las Vegas

The New Frontier sign and display have been a land mark in Las Vegas for a very long time now, but not anymore. The sign in front of the long standing hotel on the strip has officially been removed as Steve Wynn made this instruction last week. He mentioned that it was obstructing the view and esthetical appearance of his new hotel “Encore” that is set to open in the near future.

Wynn had permission to have the sign removed and so he instructed his team to do so. The area now has a direct view of the shinny replica of his first hotel on the strip being the Wynn. The new hotel is designed almost identical to the sister hotel that is standing directly beside the other. Both hotels align to form an “S” figure when looking at the towers from a birds eye view.

Many new structures were set to be built in the upcoming near future prior to the downturn in the economy. Wynn said that everything is still on schedule with the Encore tower and that plans have not been changed or adjusted in the slightest in this respect.

The hotel will be similar in size and capacity to the Wynn hotel and it will have its own casino addition as well as access to the Wynn hotel and casino without exposure to the outside. Patrons staying at the hotel will have access to all the amenities that both hotels have to offer and enjoy.

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