New Years Eve Events in Las Vegas

If you plan to be in the Vegas area within the next week you may wanting to consider staying in Vegas the night of New Years Eve as the evening promises to be filled with excitement and many wonderful and entertaining events for almost anyone to choose from.

Las Vegas usually attracts about 200 to 300 thousand visitors to the city to bring in the New Year and watch the ball drop. This year is likely to be a smaller number than recent years as travel and tourism have been heavily hit industries with the withering economy. However if you are coming to sin city, here are a few things you may find fun the night of new years.

If you are looking to party on the streets there will be a strip long fireworks display and party. The street will be dressed up and all are invited to party along with music and entertainment as fireworks rain from the sky.
Another option will be heading out to enjoy the Liberace concert that will only cost you under $20 per ticket. Come ready to enjoy the wonderful sounds of the conductor and the musicians. For a concert that is sure to satisfy even the most elite taste.

For those that enjoy only the A-list nightlife the newest addition to the Vegas scene is XS in the Encore – which is the new Wynn hotel at the north end of the strip. The party is sure to be filled with all the world’s biggest socialites and tickets start at 100 dollars a pop.

If these events don’t sound too appealing, don’t worry. There will more than handful of celebrities in the city throwing several parties throughout different locations. And make your restaurant reservations early because most hot spots are sure to be filling up!

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