OJ Simpson Sentence in Las Vegas

If you ever were or perhaps still are a fan of the retired football legend OJ Simpson than you certainly know that he spent some serious time in an out of jail, many endless times in court battles as well as thousands of dollars in bail and hearing monies.

Well it seems that in OJ’s latest arrest a simple get out of jail free card just won’t be an option. The most current arrest comes for the conviction that OJ Simpson and some fellow robbery associates were caught red handed in a sports memorabilia robbery in a Las Vegas hotel room.

Simpson has recently been convicted of kidnapping and an armed assault robbery and so the 61 year old also now faces a sentence of at least six years if not the full sentence of life in prison.

Simpson’s current attorneys are saying that this new conviction comes only because the public believed that his acquittal in the mid nineties was a mistake and that he was guilty of the murders of his ex-wife and her friend. The lawyers say that the judge and jury are not placing fair value on the evidence at hand and are judging him on his past actions – fair or not.

The sentencing is due to unveil shortly in Las Vegas. The defence attorney recommended that OJ be given a 18 year sentence for his crimes but Simpson’s attorneys are arguing that OJ was simply trying to return what was once originally his and was misguided while he performed the actions that he did. The lawyers that represent are still pushing for a minimum sentence.

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