Penthouse Looking to Own a Las Vegas Casino on the Strip

The CEO of the Penthouse organization of websites and magazines is looking to acquire a centrally located Casino on the Las Vegas Strip. Marc Bell (the CEO) has mentioned to several Las Vegas news station that he would love to pick up a location to add a new spin to his company.

With the economy slowing down, Bell envisions that this would be the best time to invest in real estate and pick up a casino along with some strip presence for Penthouse. Bell did mention that he does not have plans to knock down a whole casino and have the Penthouse name flashing above in bright sparkling lights. But instead he would like the organization to hold the rights to the casino and pool areas where he can have pin up girls as casino dealers and strippers throughout the pool area – if that were to become legal.

Several issues naturally come to mind with this acquisition. Would this hotel be an adult only venue? Would this be the start of Vegas reverting back into a true city of sin? Could a hotel like this really be located in the center of the strip? I guess we will have to wait and see.

Penthouse started out as men’s magazine which is currently owned by Penthouse Media Group. The magazine was founded in the UK and later moved to the US where the company built an empire of websites, magazines and a newly launched TV channel.

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