Philadelphia Wins World Series A Day Early In Las Vegas Casinos At Least

The Philadelphia Phillies have already won the World Series – but if you were in Las Vegas or placed a Vegas bet, then you would think that Philly won a day early at the sports books.
Any bets that were made on the Phillies to win the world series over the Tampa Bay Rays in game 5 which happened to be the final game of the world series were paid out in Phillies favor at the call of the rained out game.

Even though the game was tied 2-2 when the rain ended the game which was postponed until yesterday the score went to Philly.

According to Nevada Gaming Commission rules, if a Major League Baseball game is rained out, sports books use the score from the last completed inning. Most Las Vegas sports books are using the 2-1 score which was the score at the end of the fifth inning to appoint the win to Philadelphia.

Philadelphia was the favorite in Game 5 at -170, meaning that someone would have to bet $1.70 to win $1, Harper said.

“Being a World Series, it was a highly bet game,” said assistant manager of the Hilton Race and Sports Book in Las Vegas, without disclosing specific figures. “It affected a lot of people. We were answering questions all day.”

Regardless of the payout the Phillies did end up winning the world series and those casinos that waited to pay the Philly fans eventually had the same result. Good thing too because it obviously kept this a much cleaner victory for the Phillies.

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