September and October Bring Fewer Visitors to Las Vegas

Both the months of September and October saw a much lower population of visitors enter the normally busy strip of lights in the tourist based city of Las Vegas. While the room rates are falling and attempting to entice visitors into the city of sin the Las Vegas polls report smaller and smaller numbers for visitors as the Las Vegas and the US economy continues to tumble.

The once crowded streets are lucky to see people on Friday and Saturday nights, when just a few months prior it was nearly impossible to walk down the strip without bumping shoulders with a stranger on a Monday or Tuesday night.

Hotels are giving away free nights stay, Restaurants are offering delicious menu add-ons free of charge and the clubs are throwing out all the stops but the people just aren’t there to bite.

While Vegas used to lure Americans from states near and far, visitors are now mainly from abroad when there are any at all. And while the drop is currently only 20% the city says they really feel the difference.

US economic projections say that this is only the beginning and that all cities, including Vegas should prepare for a quite lull over the holiday season.

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