Stolen ID Arrest in Las Vegas

An arrest of 23 people was made this week in Las Vegas as a series of European criminals were caught in thefts that were focused on stealing and replicating credit cards and identification cards and information to the tune that cost the city and its business 1.5 million dollars.

The state attorney in Nevada said that federal charges were filed against 13 people involved in the crimes on Monday. They were arrested in and around Nevada including the LA area as well. An additional 10 people were then arrested in conjunction to the same type of crimes several days later. Charges included theft, forgery, identification misrepresentation, drug possession and weapon handling.

There was a special task force created in Vegas to deal with organized crime of this kind and this was the first arrest by this special team, there seems to have been an increase in this kind of activity within the city and they are doing everything that they can to stop this before it continues to develop and become a problem that they can not deal with in the same scope.

In the most recent situations it is said that the accused used “skimming equipment” at several different locations such as convenience stores and bank machines to copy card numbers and recognize personal pins to later replicate the information and use it for their own purposes.

Authorities reported that while over 1000 credit cards were copied and replicated in the scheme there was no cost to business or individuals as all costs were returned and insured.

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