White Christmas in Las Vegas

If you are travelling to Vegas over the holiday season you can more than likely expect a white Christmas this holiday season. As rare as it is for Vegas to get snow this has been the latest news as Vegas saw a bad winter storm on Wednesday which called for flight cancellations and created some serious traffic.

Las Vegas officials are not at all prepared to deal with snow fall, especially the amount of snow that they received this week. And while 3 inches of snow may seem like nothing for those in the Northern states and Canada it was quite a shock to those that are used to wearing sweatshirts as there form of winter attire.

One man said “I have lived in Las Vegas for the last 10 years and have never experienced a white Christmas- I move from New York and am used to snow for most of my life so I am actually looking forward to seeing it”

Weather reporters say that Vegas hasn’t seen the last of it either. There are predictions that at least another 8 inches are likely to fall later on in the week. And while snow does fall in some mountain parts, it is definitely not common on the strip! People are posing for photos and kids are enjoying the chill.

It seems that by most, the unexpected visitor is quite welcome. But if you are heading this way don’t forget to wear some layers and of course pack your winter jacket, hat and gloves!

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