Winter Wonderland is the Top Story for Las Vegas

It seems that no matter whether you live in Las Vegas or are simply trying to catch up on the latest Las Vegas happenings there is currently no bigger news than winter in Las Vegas. With the most recent week of snow in Las Vegas people are talking and everyone is shocked.
The strip in Las Vegas has very rarely seen even the site of a single snowflake, not to mention inches of snow enough to call for snow boots. And while locals seem to be enjoying this new experience that the city surely wasn’t prepared for, the visitors are finding it a little less than appealing.
“I travelled to Las Vegas from Winnipeg” said one man from Canada, “ My friends and I took an extended trip for a stag and holiday all combined in one, we currently have plenty of snow at home and were hoping to get away from winter, looks like we brought it with us instead”
It seems as though the cold and snow have not quite had enough either. The weather forecast calls for more cool temps and another possible snowfall before the New Year in Las Vegas. Weather experts said that while they saw a cold front approaching it wasn’t clear in severity and no one had expected the come down as it turned out.
Las Vegas officials are saying that they will continue to do everything they can to keep the city in order and running to plan. Transportation has been restored and the airport is back in action. Now the only hope is that there will be clear skies for those hoping to land in the city of lights for Christmas and of course New Years Eve.

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