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Largest Beanie in Las Vegas

Friday, February 27th, 2009

Before letting your mind travel to odd places read on to see what we are really trying to tell you about. There is a new item on the menu at the Cafe at the Sahara Hotel and Casino. It is a 2 foot, 6 pound burrito called “the bomb”.

Anyone that attempts to eat this whole burrito in one sitting is awarded with the return of their money making the meal completely free and they are also given two unlimited pass to ride the hotel rollercoaster as much as they want for the entire day. This seems to be a little bit more of a punishment rather than a reward after consuming that amount of food.

If one does make the attempt to eat the burrito but backs out at some point before completing and does not eat it they must take a photo of themselves in a small pink top that reads “weenie” across the chest. The photo is them placed on the wall of shame to frighten all those that dare to take the challenge.

The cost of the burrito for those that cannot finish it is $19.95. Those that do brave the entire task and come with an appetite big enough to eat the world will also be the proud new owners of a shirt that says “”Conquered the Bomb.”

Now if you are up for a challenge against friends this seems like it will leave a great memory and certainly some stories to tell in the future. Although if you were able to eat the entire thing may we suggest just passing on the ride afterward.

Las Vegas Sands in the News Again

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

It seems that LVS (Las Vegas Sands) group is in the news just a little more than they would like these days. And unfortunately for the company that used to be worth billions the news is not good news this time around as well. The Las Vegas Sands Corp along with almost every other hotel and casino operator in Las Vegas and the US continues to feel the wrath of the economic downturn.

The Las Vegas Sands stock is currently at its lowest point of two dollars and sixteen cents ($2.16) which is the lowest it has ever hit. The financial analysts are optimistic in suggesting that the stock will bounce back slightly throughout this year to net out at 7.00 towards the end of the year. But that is merely a prediction and not at all fact as about six months ago when the stock was at 9 dollars the predictions were that they stock would rise to a minimum of 40 dollars and that has yet to happen and the predictions have changed in completely the reverse direction.

There are also other things than just the North American economy that are hindering the performance of the company and the stock, the restrictions on visa requirements and registrations have been tighter and more difficult lately and so further the projects that were set for the last 12 months in Macau have come to a complete halt.

The senior management says that they are optimistic that things will change and turn around and that their share holders shouldn’t lose hope and continue to hold shares in the company for the promise of times to come in the somewhat near future.

The Wynn in Las Vegas Feels Recession

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

Some people say that they very rich cannot feel the recession because they just have so much money behind their name, the truth of the matter is that even the very wealthy are feeling the recession and the tough time in the economy and Steve Wynn happens to be in some of the worst financial situation that he has faced since the Wynn hotel has opened.

The Wynn hotel, resort and casino has just recently reported fourth quarter earnings from 2008, unfortunately it was only bad news, as they are experiencing losses to the tune of 159.6 million which works out to $1.49 per share for stock holders and investors.

The stock had an overall down turning year last year as the company lost 62% percent over the course of 2008. This was the most the company has lost in history.

While the news of losses continues to be heard throughout the financial voices, the hotel continues to operate as before, inviting guests to enjoy the most luxurious experience that they have yet to have by staying at this exquisite hotel and casino.

The company has also recently opened an even swankier place just next door which is a replica of the first tower called the Encore. The Encore was built and planned for prior to the recession and when Steve Wynn was asked about his plans to carry the project thru earlier last year he promised that it would continue as planned as that the Wynn towers would rise above the economy and bounce back given a little time.