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Home of Michael Jacksons Doctor Searched in Las Vegas

Thursday, July 30th, 2009

The home of the doctor that was with Michael Jackson on the day of his death was searched several times by various government authorities this week. The home of Doctor Conrad Murray was searched in Las Vegas by the DEA and another government agency on 2 separate occasions. They are looking for evidence of manslaughter as there was a trace of Diprivan (a drug that is used by prescription only as a sleeping aid) in Michael Jackson’s blood.

The autopsy results have not yet been returned to the officials but there are things that point to Michaels death being more than just a regular accident. The super star was having trouble sleeping in recent times due to all the reported excitement that he was experiencing preparing for the concerts that were coming up and the concerts that he was recently in.

The doctor did say that he was taking certain sleeping aids but the medication in question could have stopped Michaels heart from beating which would mean that this particular medication had cost him his life and killed him.

There has been quite a bit of action in Las Vegas surrounding Michael’s death. While the city is in close proximity to Los Angelos, that actually had nothing to do with the matter. There have been talks that Michael had plans to purchase a home in Las Vegas and now this situation with Michaels Las Vegas doctor.

Michael Jackson almost owned Las Vegas Mansion

Monday, July 27th, 2009

One Las Vegas realtor is claiming that Michael Jackson had plans to build a Las Vegas mansion and call it his Wonderland. The plans said that the home would have had underground tunnels, stables with horses as well as a play area for his three children that would be visiting him often or maybe even living with him.

He said that he loved Las Vegas as it was a like a Neverland for adults and that the mansion would be similar to his Neverland home that is currently in California. The realtor mentioned that the home would need about 5 million in renovation to make to Michael Jacksons standards.

The deal was to be made after the final tour that Michael Jackson was to complete next year but obviously the plans will not be followed through as the star was more in debt than ever before at the time of his death.

The city of Las Vegas had confirmed that the story was in fact a true one as he visited many hotels on this trip to find a home and made sure to discuss his plans of relocating to the city and building this amazing home on a very big piece of land.

Las Vegas is saddened by the death of Michael and passes their condolences to the family and those mourning his loss. Would have been great to have the star make a home here and see everything that he would have done!

Fewer Winners in Las Vegas?

Friday, July 24th, 2009

The title to this news article is a little misleading. Reports have recently said that their are fewer winners in Las Vegas these days and perhaps slot machines in Las Vegas and casinos have tightened up their pay schedule. We are happy to say that this is simply not the case. The truth of the matter is that there have just been that many fewer visitors to the city and to the casinos that all the casinos are reporting fewer wins.

But of course with fewer players there will always be fewer wins. After all, it doesn’t make sense that players would win at the same schedule as last year if there are less than half the amount of people playing the games.

Machines in Las Vegas and the majority of slot machines in general run on a algorithm that allows players to win at random so in reality no matter who many players play the machine will eventually go and someone will win. But the chances of winners increase as the number of players increase so if there are more players there are more winners.

Hotels and casinos in Las Vegas are feeling the lack of players and visitors as well. But those that are game players need not be discouraged. In fact now is the best time to come to Las Vegas. The hotels (and that includes all of them) are willing to except you with open arms and offer deals that haven’t been available in years and if you make an effort and talk to the casino host then you may just get that special treatment that you have always wanted!