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Las Vegas Slot Lovers Love The Wizard of OZ

Monday, November 16th, 2009

Everyone loved the wizard of Oz as a child and now adults are loving the slot version of the movie and book at the land based casinos in Las Vegas. There is always some slot machines that seem to get a lot more action than others. This time the machine is called “the Wizard of Oz” and this is one machine that rarely has a free seat available.

This machine has several bonus rounds that are very popular amongst the slot lovers. The game has a player sitting in a chair which vibrates and speaks to the player when something exciting is happening. The machine is a high graphic machine that is a video slot with regular pay lines. Players can choose the denomination at which they will play.

The players that are lucky to get into the bonus round will see three different bonus symbols that they can select. One bonus will take them to the land of Oz, the other will have them see the flying monkey bonus and the other option is a large amount of winning credits to play with.

The two bonus that are other than the credits will be lots of fun and can see players winning very large amounts of money. The slot machines are available for play at many Vegas strip casinos. They are usually located closer to the doors or high traffic areas as they are known to be very popular choices for many at this time!

Las Vegas Getting Colder Weather

Friday, November 13th, 2009

The summer days and nights in Las Vegas have passed by really quickly and now the weather in Las Vegas is really cooling down but is making for more reason for people to spend their time and their money inside the hotel and casinos. So we have put a little list together of things that you can do if you aren’t prepared to bare the cool air on the streets and prefer to spend your time in Vegas indoors.

Casinos, casinos, casinos – this is probably the best city in the world for gambling! There are just so many casinos and so many games to choose from. You can play at one casino and then move along to the next and so forth. And there are a ton of games to choose from. The casinos are filled with slots and table games and poker rooms along with other special games along the way. So if you are a gambler this is a dream come true – just remember to set a budget and try to stay within it.

Hotels – we aren’t recommending that you stay at every hotel on the strip but we do recommend that you visit at least a few. There are so many hotels that you really couldn’t see them all in one day if you tried. There is so much to see! Each hotel has its own theme and own luxuries so remember to find the special feature in each hotel as there is really a lot to see!

Shopping and other sites- there are many things to do in Vegas. The shopping has to be one of the most amazing experiences that the city has to offer. There are so many luxury goods stores that you really can’t get through the strip without popping into at least one store and there are also a great deal of shows and other things to do while in the city!

New Yummy Restaurant in Las Vegas

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

There are quite a few delicious restaurants that one can visit when visiting the city of Las Vegas. But there is one that be just discovered and it is actually a newly re-opened venue that many should check out if they are sushi lovers or enjoy other varieties of Japanese fusion cuisine!

The restaurant is called Khotan and the menu offers so much selection that there will definitely be something for everyone as long as the Japanese flavours are something up your alley. The fish used to make the sushi is ultra fresh and almost everything on the menu just melts in your mouth!

The staff there is very friendly and the chef is very accommodate if you mention likes, dislikes and any allergies that you may have. There are list of favourites that the waiters recommend for everyone to enjoy or at least sample.

Our favourites include but surely aren’t limited to, mini Kobe beef burgers that simply melt in your mouth. They are served in three delicious bites and topped with lovely sauces on yummy egg bread. The next favourite is the jalapeño yellow tail which literally melts in your mouth as well and will leave you wanting another portion!

The portion sizes are small so if you are sharing its a good idea to order two or more options per person. There will be a little for about four people to try and you will enjoy every bit of it. The restaurant is in the Treasure Island hotel and is only open several nights per week so remember to call ahead and make a reservation!