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Las Vegas New Years Eve 2010

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

So you are Vegas bound for New Years Eve 2010 or even better you are already there but you may not have plans for New Years Eve. Here are a few things that you may want to consider doing if you are planning to have a crazy or calm night out in the city that is surely an exciting place to be all year round! This list is in no particular order, just a few options for you Entertainment :

Jet Nightclub – this is one of Vegas’ hot spots. Cover for the night is $200 per person and tables start at $2500 per table which includes bottle service. Reservations must be made in advance to ensure availability.

TAO Nightclub and Lounge – Another popular destination for club goers and seekers of hot spots. This place will also be $200 per head. Tables are available but you must call to reserve. There are sure to be a few famous people at this popular location.

Stack Restaurant- This cozy restaurant located at the Mirage is for those that are looking to have a good time but perhaps looking for something a little quieter than a raging club. The tickets start at $125 per head for a four course meal and a toast at midnight.

These are just a few of the events that are going on in Las Vegas the night of New Years Eve. Just call the places that you are thinking of going to make sure that there is room available and you should ne good to go. There are so many options for this day of the year that you are sure to find something you will love doing!

Some Not So Thrilled About Las Vegas City Center

Monday, December 28th, 2009

While many love everything big, new and exciting, some say that they are not so thrilled about the arrival of the new City Center in Las Vegas. The city center is the biggest privately funded construction property in all of the US. There are building upon building in the development which virtually constructs a city within another city already!

There are a ton of shopping facilities, restaurants, boutiques, hotels, residences and of course casinos. And many are saying that this is simply the worst time in the economy that something like this could have opened its doors.

The other newer projects on the strip include the Palazzo from the Las Vegas Sands corporation which is a sister hotel to the beautiful Venetian and of course the Encore which is the sister hotel to Steve Wynn’s masterpiece known as the Wynn. While these hotels are new and beautiful they have had a really tough time filling up the rooms with the severe recession that the country has been experiencing.

It will be interesting to see how this new city centre does over the next little while but in the meantime many are upset that so much money has gone into this project that is clearly not a necessity and are hoping that it doesn’t affect the potential success of the other hotels and business in the area and the surrounding facilities in the city that’s trying to succeed and doesn’t need any more competition already.

Las Vegas Filling Up for the Holidays

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

Las Vegas is filling up for the holidays, hotel occupancy is higher than expected and many look like they are having a great time throughout the hotels, restaurants, casinos and shops and if that is the case then it likely means that those people that are having a good time are also spending money which is great for the economy in the city as its had a rather unpredictable and unstable year previous to this season.

Hotel owners and operators are counting on this type of activity to keep up and are hoping that January brings a whole different slew of people and visitors and with the action of the city centre and all the new hotels and restaurant there is more than enough for those that are going to Vegas to keep themselves busy.

Even those that have been to Vegas in the past can enjoy the new hotels and casinos and shops and restaurants. There are just endless places to see for the Vegas lover in you! But for the next few weeks getting into the city at a bargain will be a questionable option as many have decided to make a last minute reservation with their holiday savings and head over to the city of lights for some last minute chances at winning a big jackpot before the New Year!

The casinos will be full on Christmas Eve and likely for the rest of the year as well and there will be many fantastic events to participate in no matter what hotel you are staying in and there are always great entertaining options for you to take advantage of all through the city as well!