A Betting Weekend in Las Vegas

Unlike the previously slow weekends that Las Vegas experienced for the first few weeks of the year of 2009, this weekend proved to be a very popular one for Las Vegas. Perhaps the big UFC fight and the Super Bowl had something to do with it but either way bets were flying in the direction of every fighter and sports team and fans were in the sports book and of course at the MGM watching the events as they took place.

The madness began on the Thursday before the weekend as more than usual amounts of people turned up in the city of lights. Clubs were busier than normal. Restaurants and malls felt a little relief as people hit the streets for some entertainment and the casinos were happy to see people excited to make a bet.

The sports book was likely the most popular and profitable place in Las Vegas this weekend. With the fight between Canadian mixed martial artist George St. Pierre and B.J Penn took place at the MGM on Saturday night. The super bowl also brought in its fair share of people wanting to make a wager.

Over all the weekend seemed to be a hit. Those that could not get tickets to see the UFC 94 fight were able to watch it from the sports book at any casino on the strip and those that stayed in town to catch the super bowl on TV were also quite happy to toast to their favourite teams with a few beers.

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