Bailout for Las Vegas Sands

LVS which is the Las Vegas Sands corporation has announced earlier this week that they have received a very handsome bailout to the tune of six hundred million dollars to help keep their financials in order and recoup in the Macau project.

The Macau operations are planning an IPO in the near future and LVS as a company is showing much better numbers to all of the stock owners and share holders. This 600 million will help to keep the company away from bad debt that was a very possible scenario for 2009. Especially with the end of the year around the corner.

The company has had a tough go this year due to a series of events in the economy and the temperamental travel industry and that of recreational activities such as gambling. With the possibility of online casinos opening in the US the projections for LVS and other companies of the similar nature are very positive for the next few years in the future.

Unfortunately no one really knows what the exact future holds but all the predictions are pointing in the right directions and financial forecasters have upgraded the LVS stock rating to a “Buy” this is always a positive for investors and the stock holders as well. We will just have to wait and see what progresses but in the meantime seems like a good stock for anyone to pick up.

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