Bette Midler in Las Vegas

A true symbol of music, Bette Midler is still performing her show at the Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. From costume changes to unexpected encores every single show promises to deliver an entertaining evening leaving show goers asking for more and always presenting Midler with a standing ovation at the closing of all her shows.

Better Midler signed a two year contract that will be reviewed at the close of the two year period to establish whether or not she will be signing on to perform for an additional time period. Bette performs songs from all of her albums and at the ripe age of 63 she is as much a crowd pleaser as she was thirty years ago.

Tickets for the Bette Midler Show can be purchased at ticket sales offices in Las Vegas and of course can also be purchased directly at the Caesars Palace hotel. The tickets range in prices starting as low as $150 dollars and go as high as $1000 per ticket for the most premium seats in the house.

The show is available in conjunction with hotel packages as well as hotel and air packages also. While the show is scheduled to be on five times per week it is more than often sold out so it is a good idea to purchase tickets in advance if you know you will be in town to see the show prior to arriving.

To see a full list of songs that are preformed and read some reviews of what others thought of the show please visit the hotels website or browse Bette Midler online.

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