Brighter Future for Las Vegas Casinos?

Could it be that things are actually looking up for Las Vegas as a tourist attraction and the casinos that make the city ever so inviting? Reports that came out from Las Vegas Casino giant LVS (also known as Las Vegas Sands) should that while numbers were down; they were still better than projections and indicated that projections weren’t a grim as some may have believed.

While this by no means translates to the end of this ever so chilling recession it does bring hope that we are heading for a much more profitable spring and summer with the hopes of rising stocks and movement in sum very stagnant projects along the Las Vegas strip.

The casinos and the share holders were very happy to hear of this information. Shares rose in overnight trading but fell slightly this morning because numbers were still weak versus the positives that had been seen in years past.

It is not surprising that predictors point in a positive direction for Las Vegas, the city is quite beautiful in the spring and summer months. There are plenty of promotions happening now, so it’s a good idea to book that long overdue trip just in time before the prices for the vacations head up as well.

And if you were one to hold you your stocks or buy when the casino stocks were really low in the single dollar range then you will likely have enough profit to cover the cost of your next trip, just remember to use your gains wisely and don’t leave them all at the tables.

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