Builders Show in Las Vegas

As many know the month of January is usually the start of a slew of convention shows for Las Vegas. First the Consumer Electronics show followed by the ever popular Adult Entertainment show and now the International Builders Show.

Its seems a bit ironic to hold a builders convention in a state that is arguably the one state that feels the short comings of the current economic times the most.

So it comes without shock that the International Builders convention this year is experiencing a much smaller turnout that last years and of other years past.

Member rates in the overall association of Builders has shrunk a whopping 20%. Construction workers have lost over 3 million jobs throughout the US and interestingly enough of the over 6 million homes that are available and some are even vacant in the US today 1.5 million of those homes are beautiful new construction.

Its not yet known exactly how many people came out to the show in Las Vegas but of the 90,000 people that were present last year it is said that there were quite a few missing. And as most expected with fewer people come fewer showcases. The booths were less in numbers as were the innovations and displays.

Similar to that of last year the tune played by most in the industry was that of “going green”. Cutting costs was also a topic that rang through the air. And while in order to turn old construction green meant creating costs many companies should how this would be a cost savings in the near future and how much extra it would cost those that did not end up switching over at the nearest opportunity.

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