Catching the Best Deal at Vegas Hotels

You may not giving away your email with the fear of being overwhelmed with a ton of junk hitting your inbox everyday but when it comes to making a big savings on your next vacation to Las Vegas you may want to sacrifice getting a bit of spam in order to get the best deal around and most likely be one of the first to know about it also!

There are many ways to get a bit of a discount when booking your travel reservations. But becoming a member of your hotels VIP email list is the best way to know about everything that is going on at any given time. For example, if you were a member of Harrah’s email list at this time you would certainly know about the great hotel rates that they have going on right now and all the latest information on the Halloween events that the company has planned as well.

The hotels and casinos have a special marketing department that looks after those people on the email list and sends them unbeatable deals that are exclusively for email members. Here’s an idea that we thought of, if you aren’t a fan of receiving a ton email into your inbox on all different topics, you may want to consider creating a special email that is solely for promotions and then you can give out that address and only check the email when you know you need something rather than having a whole bunch of junk coming into your inbox all the time!

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