Celebrity Spotting in Las Vegas

If you are living or vacationing on the sunny and bright strip of Las Vegas this weekend then perhaps you will be lucky enough to spot and even get an autograph from the one and only Brad Pitt. The Hollywood star was scene there this week with his two sons enjoying some boys only time at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.

While it is definitely debatable as to whether or not the kids may still be too young to fully enjoy most of the guilty pleasures that Las Vegas has to offer. It is crystal clear that Pitt was just there to enjoy some quality time with his sons.

It is also reported that while Pitt was on the West Coast with the boys, Jolie was enjoying some well deserved time with the girls from the not so little Pitt and Jolie clan in New York. The family is reported to have special weekends that are devoted to both girl and boy time as well as enjoying much time together as a full family.

The couple will be seen together shortly in LA at the Oscars that are just around the corner where both Pitt and Jolie are nominated to receive best actor and best actress awards respectively.

The stars are both known to enjoy the bright and exciting city of Las Vegas and have been spotted there in the past prior to their relationship going public and the announcement of their natural born babies as well as their adoptions.

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