CES Brings Life to Las Vegas

The worlds largest consumer electronics show has brought some glow and life back to the streets of Las Vegas. The show began yesterday January 8th and will conclude on January the 11th. This year the show is approximately 10 percent smaller than the show last year.

With this being a generally slower time for travel in Las Vegas, the city is more than happy to see some energy in the economy. The show brings 2700 exhibitors from all the top names in electronics and technology that the world has to offer.

The visitors that have come to see the convention are scattered throughout the city and are occupying several, if not all the hotels on the strip.

The convention began by a introduction and speech from the current CEO of Microsoft Steve Ballmer where he spoke briefly about his predictions for the industry this year along with introductions for the new platforms that Microsoft will be launching this year. He mentioned several alliances that they have made as well as focusing on products they will be launching this year.

For the city of Las Vegas and the electronics industry this year will be similar in that it will be one of innovation. The innovation may need to stretch out as far as finding new innovative ways to create business. The economy is almost guaranteed to bounce back eventually and there isn’t one industry that isn’t excited for that time to come, but in the meantime everyone will use creativity to keep business moving along and keep their heads above the waters.

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