Falling in Love with Elton in Vegas for One Last Time

Lights, glitz and glamour!! That is what most Las Vegas shows are about and when you are visiting Las Vegas a staple to your trip is likely some live entertainment in the form of a show or a concert. Well if you are planning a trip to the city of lights sometime before April, one show that most will recommend and a concert that is sure to please would be “The Red Piano” performed entirely by Elton John.

While this concert is full of all time favourites from Elton and classics that are sure to touch anyone’s hearts it also aims (and does a heck of a job) at entertaining the whole audience.

The show features some tasteful props as well as a stage that is changing constantly throughout the entire performance while Elton is almost always sitting in front of his very red piano performing to his hearts delight.

Those that enjoy an encore performance when they request it will often get their request as Elton John is known not to close the show without leaving the room wanting more.

The show is set to close in April of this year and has been held at Caesars Palace for several years running. The last show is nearly sold out as fans from throughout the globe will be there to cheer for the red piano one last time.

There is no exact news of whom will be replacing Elton but it is sure to be a tough act to follow.

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