First Las Vegas Baby of the Year

A very proud family in Las Vegas is happy to bring in the new year with a little more than a bottle of bubbly, in fact this situation had no alcohol other than the swabs used to prep for the anaesthetic.

The Witts, a Las Vegas family was happy to announce the birth of their little miracle in the wee hours of the first day of 2009.

The first baby of the year in Las Vegas was born to the Witt family at Sunrise Children’s hospital. The family is thrilled to bring home this little bundle of joy even it means all the changes and new costs that this new baby will bring.

These days it is estimated that a new baby that is born in 2009 will cost the parents an average of about $250,000 by the time the kid reaches 18 years of age, and that is a modest summary of costs including mostly the necessities. Throw in a car and some spending money for shopping and vacations and the cost of a new baby reaches no limit at all.

Wanting to be a little different the couple named the new baby Braylyn Joelle, Braylyn arrived in this world just after the new year at 12:31am and weighed just under seven pounds.

Coincidentally, the family all celebrates their birthdays on the cusp of the New Year. Mom was born on December 30 and dads birthday happens to fall on December 31st. Looks like next December will be a pricey one for this Las Vegas family as all their birthdays fall just days after Christmas as well.

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