Funny Encounter in Las Vegas

You can call it whatever you like but we found it quite ironic that the Consumer Electronic Show just so happened to overlap dates with the Adult Entertainment Expo. It just so happened that every year around this time in January both shows go on simultaneously in the city of Las Vegas.

Fun things are bound to happen as the sexuality and brains collide in sin city. The Consumer Electronics show displays new up and coming technology while the Adult Entertainment Expo has a display of everything worth a peak in the world of nudity and other sexual related activity.

Guests and presenters from both shows are surely sharing hotel space, restaurant locations and entertainment venues and every year brings new rumours and stories of what may have happened when someone from one show was excited by someone at another. But of course, whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas so no one will really know if any of the so called rumours have any truth behind them at all.

The CES show brought many interesting ideas and innovations to the public as most items unveiled at this year`s show proved that we are moving to all things little and inexpensive. With the economy going the way that it is it only makes sense that we are looking for ways to save no matter what the innovation.

As for the world of Adult Entertainment, big and flashy continues to be the trend in this industry as it has been for years past. And while the economy is down, this industry always brings an entertaining flare to Las Vegas.

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