Gambling Fueling the Recession in Vegas but Not in Other Countries

While the talk of the town is solely about the recession and how it is affecting the economy in Las Vegas along with other major cities in the world (both those that are tourist attractions and those that are not), it just so happens that Japan is saying just the opposite when it comes to Las Vegas based casino operators.

There is a particular slot like machine that is very popular among the Japanese population. This machine is called the Pachinko and is being installed all over Japan in all the land based casinos.

MGM, Las Vegas Sands abroad are reporting that while they attempt to close the gap by continuing to operate in other countries, they are nowhere near making up for the losses that they have experienced in the US and are tones away from hitting numbers that they have seen and have become accustomed to in years past.

Both the online casino and the land based casino industries seem to be weathering fairly well when compared to other industry in the economic crisis. But unfortunately this does not hold true for Las Vegas as a city that is used to entirely surviving on the money that travel and tourism brings in.

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