Green Transportation in Las Vegas

When you think of green with Las Vegas in mind the first thought is more likely about the Benjamin’s than it is about transportation, but this time we are talking about transportation within the Las Vegas area! There is now a company called Earth Buses and Limousines and they specialize in offering luxurious services with professional drivers and great service, all while keeping this planet a brighter, safer and cleaner place to live.

The company now offers service within the Las Vegas area concentrating on the Las Vegas Strip , offering professional transportation with preset appointments as well as service on a last minute basis. The greenhouse gas emissions are much less than that of any other comparable transportation and the prices for the transportation and all the services is very competitive with others in the industry.

After the technology show as well as other conventions in Las Vegas all pointed in the direction of all things green and cutting costs across the board this was a natural step in the green direction.

Las Vegas is one of the first cities to be doing this starting with luxury transportation and likely moving to overall transportation as well. Many other US cities are likely to move in the same direction as well as are companies in the other industries.

Jumping on the green train will not just be a way of for the city to make money and cut costs but also a way to pay it forward to the environment and everyone enjoying the lavish resources.

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