Home of Michael Jacksons Doctor Searched in Las Vegas

The home of the doctor that was with Michael Jackson on the day of his death was searched several times by various government authorities this week. The home of Doctor Conrad Murray was searched in Las Vegas by the DEA and another government agency on 2 separate occasions. They are looking for evidence of manslaughter as there was a trace of Diprivan (a drug that is used by prescription only as a sleeping aid) in Michael Jackson’s blood.

The autopsy results have not yet been returned to the officials but there are things that point to Michaels death being more than just a regular accident. The super star was having trouble sleeping in recent times due to all the reported excitement that he was experiencing preparing for the concerts that were coming up and the concerts that he was recently in.

The doctor did say that he was taking certain sleeping aids but the medication in question could have stopped Michaels heart from beating which would mean that this particular medication had cost him his life and killed him.

There has been quite a bit of action in Las Vegas surrounding Michael’s death. While the city is in close proximity to Los Angelos, that actually had nothing to do with the matter. There have been talks that Michael had plans to purchase a home in Las Vegas and now this situation with Michaels Las Vegas doctor.

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