How to Get a Great Deal at a Vegas Hotel

So you may know that Las Vegas has some of the world’s best hotels and top rated places to visit. You may also know that the city is currently offering some really amazing rates to stay at these luxury spots. But what you may not know is how you can get access to the best offers at the best prices.

We have done a little research and have found that one of the best methods to be the first to learn about exceptional offers from the top rated hotels is to simply log onto the website of the hotels in question and sign up for email notifications. These emails are sent out periodically and allow those on the list to have access to special sales and promotions that may not be published anywhere else.

Another good way to learn about the best deals is a little trickier, you must visit the hotel and become one there members and receive a players card. Those players that have rated play often get the best promotions and even free rooms with special certificates but in order to qualify you must actually be one of those players!

Our other suggestion would be to prowl the web for deals on travel sites but with so many options out there it is hard to determine which actually the most appealing one to choose is. You may also consider giving the hotel that you are interested in a call to see if they can offer you any specials over the phone! So sign up now and enjoy!

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