Joaquin Phoenix Raps in Las Vegas

This past week was one that Hollywood will likely like to forget faster than ever. Joaquin Phoenix who is the brother of late actor River Phoenix took the stage at a Las Vegas hotel and performed a rap while fellow actor and friend Casey Affleck videotaped the whole performance.

The performance can be found on and is a rather embarrassing attempt of karaoke style rap. The former actor was attempting some sort of rebirth into the Hollywood scene and this was the wrong thing to do to say the least.

While actors often like to put on a show in a Las Vegas crowd for all the young fans to see and adorn. This was a complete embarrassment to Joaquin. The performance left much to be desired and the actor should perhaps venture back into the world of acting and stay away from rapping all together.

It was said that while the performance wasn’t as entertaining as expected the party surrounding the event was quite the opposite. The younger crowd of Hollywood stars has been said to throw a great party that always goes into the wee hours of the following morning.

The actors spent the weekend in Las Vegas and when asked the actor said that he will continue to pursue his dreams whether it be singing or acting he says it is important to follow your heart and do what feels right and what you think you were always meant to be doing.

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