Lady Luck Casino Delays Mob Museum

The City of Las Vegas is planning on building a mob museum, which will trace and pay homage to the history of mob culture in Las Vegas. An interesting and unique endeavor, it is sadly being put on hold, as the land on which the city wants to build the museum is currently being occupied by Lady Luck.

The Lady Luck casino was closed for renovations three years ago, but there has since been very few steps taken towards fixing abandoned building. Casino Owner CIM Group has been given an ultimatum: clean it up or make way for the mob museum. They have plotted out an agreement that states the owners must start the renovations – a $100 million project that was supposed to start last December – or the land will be used to build the museum.

CIM Group can explain: the delay is due to the state of the economy. They have been trying to figure out a way to begin the expensive renovation process, but the economy simply does not allow for the company to put $100 million into one project. City officials state that they understand the economic situation and won’t reprimand them if the delays are, in fact, recession-related. However, they are aware that the old, abandoned shell that the Lady Luck has become is beginning to be an eye-sore, which could be replaced by something that would actually generate revenue for the city.

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