Landing Room at Las Vegas Airport

There is a lot of extra landing room at the Las Vegas McCarran International Airport these days as they are experiencing the biggest loss of passengers that has been in seen over five years time. Forty Four million people came in and out of that airport over the year of 2008 which was already almost an eight percent drop since 2007. This year looks like it is set to follow an equally down turning pattern.

Las Vegas is feeling the withdrawal all around as the hotels and the restaurants are all also reporting quite the down turn in visitors and guests.

And while less people are coming to Las Vegas, there are also much less leaving the city as well. People that call the city of lights their home are travelling much less which is probably due to the economy and the lack of money that is being brought in to the state that is then forwarded on to the city’s population.

All major airlines reported that they experienced short falls in 2008 and that 2009 is often to an even rockier start. With the new government in power everyone in the travel and tourism industry is hoping for at least a little positive change and relief but it seems that even if that change is going to come, it will take some time to do so.

Whatever the case the Las Vegas airport is not the only place feeling this bad time that they entire nation is facing but as always things are bound to change, we are just hoping that its sooner than later

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