Largest Beanie in Las Vegas

Before letting your mind travel to odd places read on to see what we are really trying to tell you about. There is a new item on the menu at the Cafe at the Sahara Hotel and Casino. It is a 2 foot, 6 pound burrito called “the bomb”.

Anyone that attempts to eat this whole burrito in one sitting is awarded with the return of their money making the meal completely free and they are also given two unlimited pass to ride the hotel rollercoaster as much as they want for the entire day. This seems to be a little bit more of a punishment rather than a reward after consuming that amount of food.

If one does make the attempt to eat the burrito but backs out at some point before completing and does not eat it they must take a photo of themselves in a small pink top that reads “weenie” across the chest. The photo is them placed on the wall of shame to frighten all those that dare to take the challenge.

The cost of the burrito for those that cannot finish it is $19.95. Those that do brave the entire task and come with an appetite big enough to eat the world will also be the proud new owners of a shirt that says “”Conquered the Bomb.”

Now if you are up for a challenge against friends this seems like it will leave a great memory and certainly some stories to tell in the future. Although if you were able to eat the entire thing may we suggest just passing on the ride afterward.

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