Las Vegas Airport isn’t experiencing much Traffic

The reports for MacCaren International airport are following a consistent downward pattern in recent times. For the last 17 months the airport is losing traffic in both directions of outbound passengers and in bound passengers as well.

Traffic for this particular month is down 11.8% versus the same exact month last year and this time last year was not the best time for Las Vegas traffic either.

No matter how the figures are read or reported it is clear that the economy in Las Vegas depends solely on the travel and tourism and due to the this the city and state are suffering much more seriously, economically than several other cities within the US.

While the gap in the decreasing numbers is actually getting smaller people are still not coming as much as they used to and financial analysts are saying that it will be months and months before Vegas and other cities of that sort will be back on their feet and in full swing such as they were in 2007.

Casino and hotel operates are saying the exactly same things as those that work with in the airport and the other travel sectors.

Casino and Hotel revenues in Las Vegas have been down for quite some time now. The resorts are happy to report when their numbers are in less than double digit declines these days. And there hasn’t been any great numbers to report.

Perhaps the spring and summer seasons will make for a happier prediction but until we see what people decide to do with the little spare cash they have we won’t really know.

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