Las Vegas Casino Removes Automated Poker Dealers

After four months of failed test trials for automated poker dealers, the Excalibur Casino has decided to remove all of their electronic poker tables. In March, Excalibur struck a deal with software developer PokerTek to install 12 tables equipped with PokerPro. The automated system was designed to deal cards and display them to users on private screens very similar to those in online casinos, while displaying general information on a bigger screen in the middle of the table.

Many casinos in Atlantic City and California have had positive reviews of this system. However, Las Vegas gamers felt that automated poker tables took away from the genuine casino experience. The automated dealers were met with apprehension from casino-goers, who were far more inclined to visit tables with live-dealers. Clients noted that human interaction is an essential part of the casino experience. They argued that without live dealers and actually holding cards in your hand, it seemed less authentic.

Excalibur Hotel and Casino opened its doors in 1990 and is one of the busiest casinos in Las Vegas with one of the biggest client bases. While this means good news for the casino’s clients, it’s bad news for Excalibur’s owners. Automated dealers would not only have generated far more hands than a live-dealer but would have also saved them money on staff wages, ultimately increasing their profits.

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