Las Vegas Casinos Holding Back

In this tough financial times it seems as though Las Vegas is playing their cards right. With a recap of what is happening in the city this year held this week by city officials, a common trend has risen; most projects are on hold indefinitely.

With hotels not seeing the return of what was seen this time last year and numbers down all around the hotels have had to open their eyes to what the economy is really facing and put some of the most anticipated updates and projects on hold.

Las Vegas hotels have tried to do several things to keep the traffic flowing through. They have lowered room rates by almost 40% in some cases, they offered plenty of two for one deals, they are giving away free dinners and other forms of relaxation and entertainment but nothing is bringing people back at the rate they saw last year and in years past.

While officials are saying even though the situation is tough it seems to have gotten a bit better in the last few weeks. But better definitely does not mean good!

There are still many vacancies to fill, people are not staying in Vegas as long as they used to, they are not spending what they used to on shows and food and they are surely spending much less on gambling.

And so comes a reaction from Las Vegas hotels and casinos; following the trend of their patrons they have put a hold on many projects that they had planned to be completed by the end of 2009. Projects such as the City Center and many other renovations for hotels and casinos. Perhaps these projects will start again in the near future, but not until other things change first.

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